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  Kern Group is a corporate financial and business consultancy firm, specialising in the provision of proactive advice for medium to large businesses and corporations throughout Australia.  That said, we are not just another accounting firm.  With a strong focus on problem-solving and realising potential, Kern Group stands apart from other accounting firms by the fact that we achieve exceptional results, often in situations when other firms cannot.
Kern Group has managed a diverse range of complex and high-level matters for organisations of all sizes.  From intricate restructuring through to managing and driving initial public offerings, Kern Group has both the capability and the capacity to provide a results-based environment that will exceed any preconceived ideas or expectations you may have.  In simple terms, Kern Group is unique.  It is a specialist organisation that can help any enterprise through challenging times or provide expert advice that will take a company to its next evolutionary level of financial success.
If you're ready for a firm that will offer high level, expert advice that will help you to achieve your goals, Kern Group is that firm.